Inhaus Flooring Products

Inhaus© has developed some of the most comfortable and visually appealing planks, tiles, and laminate flooring currently available. As one of the largest producers of laminate flooring, the company has a real passion for designing and trend-setting new flooring. They also improve older looks so you can get the best of both traditional and new styles. Operating under the principle of Boutique Excellence, Inhaus© focuses on the customer experience, including customer support. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your product long after it is installed. That means that there is a lot of protection for their flooring, including being water resistant and two levels of protection so you can enjoy the look without worrying about constant cleaning and maintenance.

Sono Landscape collection by Inhaus

Sono Eclipse Tile collection by Inhaus

Sono Eclipse Plank collection by Inhaus

Solido Vision & Elements collection by Inhaus