Kraus Flooring Products

Engineering exceptional plank and tile flooring, Kraus provides several dozen different looks that can enhance any room. Their flooring is designed to have more muted tones so that it adds to a room’s appearance instead of being the primary focus. With several darker colors and a number of lighter colors of plank, their flooring can tie together a room in a way that is natural and aesthetic. Their tiles are made with more eye-catching colors that look phenomenal in a bathroom. If you want to feel more like you are at the ocean, their Toscana Collection is perfect for your bathroom. Make your home or office feel that much more comfortable with one of the gentle beauties of the Kraus collections.

Toscana Tile collection by Kraus

Aspen Peak collection by Kraus

Robusto Plank collection by Kraus

Carlota Plank collection by Kraus